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Continuing Education Designed for Counsellor Working in Adult Education – ACCED


225646 CP 1-2005-1-RO GRUNDTVIG G1.1

The ACCED project’s aim was to offer a model training course, compatible with European competency frameworks, and designed specifically for adult education’s practitioners/ counselors, intended to develop / update/ improve specific basic competencies needed for their practical counseling of different categories of adult learners.

The direct beneficiaries of the outputs were: the career counsellors working in AE institutions, the trainers of the counsellors/practitioners in AE institutions.

The target groups that the project ultimately tried to reach covers all adult learners (the unemployed people over 40 years, young job seekers between 16-25 years old at risk of social marginalisation) from all over the Europe.

More information about the project and the main deliverables are available here http://acced.euproject.org